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Addicted to Reading

Erika aka I'm Cute!
20 January

Content, images and links on this journal are, more often than not, FOR ADULTS ONLY. If you are squicked by homosexuality, images manipulated to promote homo eroticism, posts supporting acceptance and equality for alternative lifestyles and / or the nude form et al, then please don't hang around here!

Thank you.

About me: I am a 30-something DSL tech support agent who is addicted to (among other things) reading, cigarettes, cats, CLEX and Harry Potter slash, Smallville, Xena:Warrior Princess, Orson Scott Card, Octavia E Butler, European gay porn, Michael Rosenbaum *IwuvHim* and Ted Raimi *yayJoxer!*. I recently started school to become a licensed Massage Therapist and am loving it. If you have stress in your life, start seeing an MT for some safe, non-sexual touch therapy right away!!